The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Wednesday, 10.9.13. “Laser focused”

Howdy folks,

It’s Wednesday… but you probably knew that already, right?

Around here, that usually means that it’s time to work on our…

Cyclocross Skills!

Today is no exception.

But we’re throwing in a bit of a twist.



Today, we’re getting really specific.

We’re getting laser-focused.


Today, you’re going to pick one thing that you’re really good at skills-wise.

Barriers, starts, bunny-hopping, foot-out turns, pedaling turns… your choice.

Ideally, pick one thing that you do better than your peers.

For some of you, that might give you a few options.

For others, not so much.

Heck, maybe there’s only one thing that you feel like you’re good at… geeze, maybe the best you can do is pick one thing that you feel like you’re least bad at!

That’s OK.

Laser focus on that.

Identify that skill, and hold it in your mind for just a second.

Got it figured out?


Now think of the one thing you stink at.

The one thing that gives you fits, that always gets you dropped in the races.

Barriers, turns, starts… whatever.

Got it fixed in your mind?


Today, you’re going to attack these two skills head-on.

These two and only these two.

You’re going to drive that one good skill to the point of failure, and you’re going to work hard to bring that one bad skill…

…up to the point that it is no longer a liability.

Make sense?



– Hop on your bike & warm up well.

– Stretch out, after you’re warm.

– 10-15 minutes drilling your best technical skill, whatever that is.

Start super slow.

Even though this is a skill that you feel like you’ve got wired, break it down to it’s most basic constituent parts, and refine them until it’s not just wired, it’s perfect.

You’re looking to transform a skill that you’re good at to one that’s an absolute killer, a race winner.

Good at barriers?

Stop being good, make ‘em perfect.

Become so darn good that the opposition can’t ever let you come into a barrier section first.

Good at starts?

Get great at starts.

Work it ’till you know that you’re coming off the line with a 5 bike-length lead in your next race.

You get the idea, right?

Whatever skill you choose, sharpen the heck out of it until it’s an even better weapon than it already was.

– spin for 5 minutes.


– 15 -20 minutes drilling your worst technical skill, whatever that is.

You’re looking to transform a skill that’s a liability to one that – if not a strength – is at least no longer a crippling liability.

Stink at barriers?

Stop that now. Figure ‘em out.

Become good enough that the opposition can’t ever assume they’re going to drop you in the barriers.

Terrible at starts?

Yeah. No more.

Work it ’till you know that you’re coming off the line right next to that guy that’s been dropping you all season.

Got it?

Whatever skill you choose, figure it the heck out.

Stop denying that you suck at whatever you suck at, be proactive.

Tonight, you do something about it!

 – spin for 5 minutes.

 5 minutes is over, bang….

 – 5 minutes drilling your best skill again. Really nail it.

spin for another 5 minutes, then…

 – Finish the night with two 5- 10 minute race-level  interval efforts

– on relatively easy terrain.

– make absolutely sure to focus  on both of the skills you worked on tonight.

Spin out when you’re done, and call it a night.


Have fun,


~ by crosssports on October 9, 2013.

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