The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Saturday, 10.5.13. “A tip of the cap”

Howdy folks,

Well, it’s Saturday, and that means time to go racing for a lot of us.

If you’re racing this weekend, Chad Berg up here in Seattle came up with an idea to pay tribute to Amy Dombroski’s passing, and it’s catching on.

Please consider wearing a cycling cap under your your helmet this weekend, peak flipped skyward in the inimitable Amy style…

Photo by Narayan Mahon. Please click to check out more of his work.

Photo by Narayan Mahon. Please click to check out more of his work.






So, hey… if you’re racing today, go race. Have a blast. It looks to be pretty nice weather just about everywhere this weekend, so enjoy it while it lasts!

If you’re only racing on Sunday this weekend, you might want to check out Yesterday’s post.

Could be a pretty good choice of a workout for you today.

Of course, you could always decide to go for an old standby today, and set up Sunday’s race with some…

Can Openers!


Warm up for 1/2 hour or so.

Follow with several short attacking efforts, IE 30 seconds at 80% of your max, or pretty damn hard.

Back off and spin for 5 minutes….

Follow with a 10-15 minute effort at AT level, or CP60, or “I could talk to you if I had to, but I don’t want to” level.

Spin for several minutes….

Follow with a couple more of those short attacking efforts,  30 seconds, pretty damn hard.

Spin for a couple of minutes…

Finish with 5-6 full gas start efforts on a straight section of paved road, level or slightly uphill.

You want to begin these from a dead stop, with one foot unclipped.

Do not stop until you get at least 3 perfect starts in a row, and I mean perfect; this is the cross equivalent of practicing free throws.

We all know how important starts are in the race, so make ‘em count.

I don’t quit until I nail 5 in a row, but set your own threshold.

Got em’ dialed? Ripped ‘em?


You’re done.

Spin out the legs, then go home and rest.

You’re ready to race tomorrow.

Don’t forget the cap thing, eh?

Have fun, and be safe.



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