The #Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Thursday, 8.14.13. “Vroom Vroom”

Howdy folks,

From what I’ve been seeing, it seems like folks are feeling a little bit beat up right about now.

That’ll happen, eh?

Don’t overdo it, folks. I’m seeing a lot of people who are so psyched for the upcoming cross season that they’re training their asses off already, guaranteeing one thing, and one thing only.

They’re going to be in a box by the middle of the season.

Don’t let that be you, eh?

With that in mind, no big gear work today, OK?

Kinda’ the opposite, in fact.

Vroom Vroom!

Today we do some…

Spin Ups –

– Get on your bike and warm up with a leisurely spin, 10-20 minutes minimum.

– After you’re warm, find a nice, long, flat or slightly downhill section of road with little to no traffic.

– Begin interval by rolling into it at a moderate speed, in a gear that’s smaller than you would typically use to sprint.

– Get out of the saddle and sprint.

– Spin the gear up out of the saddle. When your leg speed gets to the point where it’s hard to maintain, sit down and keep going until you are totally spun-out. We’re talking  fast, can’t turn ‘em over any faster…

Think Road-Runner fast…

 The goal here isn’t to make the bike go fast, it’s to make your legs go fast.

There’s a difference, eh?

You should do these in a small enough gear that you want to shift up.


– Repeat 3-5 times, a minute or so recovery between reps.

That’s a set.

Recover for 5 minutes, rolling around at a leisurely pace between sets.

– Go again, same thing.

Recover, then repeat as time and fitness allow.

Shoot for 3-5 sets of  3-5, or keep going until your leg speed drops off.

When you’ve completed all your reps, roll on home at a leisurely, relaxed pace. Ideally, take 1/2 hour or so to do this.

If you start these out and you just can’t get your motor running?

No sweat.

Back things down a bit and go for a…

1-2 Hour Moderate Ride –

Get on your bike.

Go ride for an hour or two

No hard efforts, but do throw in a couple of moderate ones. By moderate, I mean just that. You can sprint for the town line, but you should be laughing while you do it.

You’re not doing a recovery spin, so you need to put a little bit of gas into the pedals… just don’t go out and kill yourself.

Check out the view, smell the flowers, just do it while you’re putting a little bit of effort into the pedals.

1 notch above a recovery ride.

Make sense?

Have fun!


(I ❤ King Crimson. Getting an album credit on a K.C. album has to be one of the highlights of my life 🙂  )


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