The #Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Sunday, 8.11.13. “WAWCX”

Howdy folks,

This is going to be pretty brief, ’cause I’m up WAAAAY too late tonight (need to be up in 5 hours? Yikes…)

If you’re in the Seattle area, and you don’t have any plans today, it’s pretty clear what you should do, eh?

Get your butt on over to the…


…Cyclocross Festival!

(…or maybe the District TIme Trial Championship, which I’m supposed to be leaving the house for in the aforementioned 5 hours… ugh…)

Not in the Seattle Metro area?

That’s cool.

Go ride how you feel today.

Go long, go short.

Ride hard, ride easy… just ride.

Get on out there and have some fun, enjoy the waning days of summer.



~ by crosssports on August 10, 2013.

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