The #Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Thursday, 8.8.13. “Wheels”

howdy folks,

We’re going to hit you with a couple of options for your workout today.

I’ve written a fair bit about running already this season, and an embarrassing amount of time has been devoted to the topic on here over the years. In short? Folks worry way too much about their running, you don’t actually do all that much of it in cross races these day, and if something has to get left off the training program? Running time ain’t a bad choice.

But ya gotta’ do some, if for no other reason than that you can’t have the wheels come off your performance the first time you hit a run-up in a race.



So, with all that in mind, today might be a good day to hoof it a bit.

Check this out.

Not feeling psyched to run today?

No problem.

How about some…

Short Hill Repeats

Ideally, these are done on a climb that is big-ringable, but just at the edge of being a small ring climb.  So, pretty steep, but not ridiculously steep.

Each effort should take 7-10 seconds, so pretty short, but still not ridiculously short.

Warm up really well, 1/2 hour or so. Be sure to include some hard efforts in your warm up.

Once you’re warm and ready to go, roll on up to the bottom of the hill you’ve selected for the workout.

Begin your effort out of the saddle, hit it hard.  ATTACK the climb.

7-10 seconds, full gas.

OK to sit down 1/2 -3/4 of the way through effort, but try to maintain a steady intensity/wattage for the duration of the rep.

Minimum of 5 reps.

Minimum of 5 sets.

30 seconds rest between reps/efforts.

2-5 minutes between sets.

Ideally, you go until you can no longer maintain the output level you were showing on the reps in the first set.

Spin out & warm down after.


Have fun!



Have fun!


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