The Workout Of The Day for Thursday, 1.3.12. “Up yours, Winter Wonderland!”

Howdy folks,

Before I say anything about today’s workout, a brief word or two about Next week’s Nationals races…

If you’re going, try to find a way to get on some snow this weekend, ok?

It’s looking fit to be a winter wonderland out there next week!


Seriously. It’s looking pretty white out there. Could be lots of slipping & sliding & RUNNING at Nationals next week.

So, if you can, get some practice reps in on the white stuff.

(Don’t add in any running, though. Too darn late in the game to do much more than screw yourself up.)

Enough of that, on with today’s workout.

In honor of the sharp little climb on the US Nationals course, today we’re doing…

Short Hill Repeats  – 

-Ideally, these are done on a climb that is big-ringable, but just at the edge of being a small ring climb.

– Each effort should take 7-10 seconds. 30 seconds rest between efforts, 2-5 minutes between sets.

– Warm up for approx. 1/2 hour, then…

– Begin effort out of the saddle, full race-pace effort, ATTACK the climb. 7-10 seconds, full gas.

– OK to sit down 1/2 -3/4 through effort.

– Try to maintain your intensity through the interval. Don’t hit it so hard that you lose gas 5 seconds in. It’s a 7-10 second interval, right?

– Repeat 5 times, a full minute between efforts. Thats a set.

– You’re looking to do 5 sets.

Spin out & warm down after.

Have fun!


~ by crosssports on January 2, 2013.

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