The Workout Of The Day for Wednesday, 11.28.12. “Dial pegged to ‘Cheetah’ ”

Howdy folks,

Well, it’s Wednesday again, and usually that means we’re doing skills work.

How about today?

Well, that depends.

If your season is already over, heck… it’s over.

No riding for you today. Take a break, damnit.

Check back soon. We’ll be talking about the offseason, and what you should be doing as you transition into your road/Mtb. Season, or whatever it is you do when there aren’t any cross races to flog yourself in.

Still racing?


You’re going to do a really abbreviated Skills Session today.

Warm up for 15 minutes or so.

Some easy dismount/remount practice for about 10 minutes. Work on smooth. 

Next, you’re going to go out and rock your race-pace skills…

Find some moderately flat, moderately technical terrain.

Lay out a short (2 minute or so so…) loop.

Ride it fast.

Do laps on this for the next 15 minutes or so, with a focus on Speed. 

Work on your corner exits. Come out of ‘em fast. Out of the saddle, drill it, back in saddle, repeat at next corner.

Don’t get bogged down, don’t wear your legs out too much. Keep the cadence high and the gearing relatively low, just work on your fast.

You definitely want the dial pegged to “Cheetah”, OK?

Rest for about 5 minutes, then work on your starts.

5 sets of 5, full gas, and when I mean full gas, I’m talking full-on race speed, and make ‘em long enough that you hit that second effort point, where you have spun up, sat down, and now you need to get your ass back up out of the saddle and reaccelerate.

Remember, it’s that second effort that pays off in the race.

Work on that.

That’s it.

Go home, relax, get to bed early tonight.

Have fun!


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~ by crosssports on November 27, 2012.

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