The Workout Of The Day for Thanksgiving, 11.22.12. “Gobble”

Howdy folks,

It’s Thanksgiving, and the workout today is pretty simple.

Enjoy the holiday!

If that means going for a ride, so be it.

If that means being with family, and eating until you burst? Enjoy, and look forward to burning off the excess payload this weekend.

If you live in the Seattle area, and you’re planning on a ride today, I strongly suggest you take part in the annual Northwest Harvest ride that local rider Mick Walsh has been organizing for a whole bunch of years –

This is a great tradition, and a great way to pay something forward to some folks who could really use a hand up.

Heck, even if you can’t make the ride, think about sending a few shekels their way… why not?

Whatever you do, enjoy the day, and talk to you again tomorrow,


~ by crosssports on November 22, 2012.

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