The Workout Of The Day for Thursday, 11.1.12. “Czechmark”


Howdy folks,

Before we get started, if you haven’t read it, take a look at yesterday’s post.

Lots of folks are feeling pretty gassed right about now, and if you’re one of them, you might just need to back off a little bit right now.

We talked all about that yesterday, so check it out, ok?

That out of the way, on with today’s workout.

This one is pretty hard, and frankly it isn’t something that makes a whole ton of sense for everyone, but hey – it’s different, so what the heck.

We cooked this one up special to do some targeted training for the first couple of World Cup races this season…

It’s the…

Czechmark up-down- 

Done on a short, sharp climb, barely big-ringable.

You want a short, sharp climb that you can hit hard out of the saddle for about 15 seconds, and then ride hard down the back of or turn around and head back down at speed.

In an ideal world, the descent would be a fair bit longer than the climb.

(If you live in the Seattle area, The “big” climb on the standard Mercer Island route – counter clockwise direction – is perfect.)

Warm up well, 30 minutes or so, with a couple of sharp efforts to open your legs.

Roll into the base of the hill at a pretty decent clip, but not so fast that you aren’t increasing your pace as you hit the hill

Sprint up hill, out of the saddle to start.

Sit down as you get towards the top if that would be your normal inclination.

(more a style thing than anything else. OK to stay out of saddle if that works better for you.)

As soon as you hit the top, turn around, and head back down, riding hard

Visualize reacting to an attack or trying to catch back on the race-winning move that just dropped you on the climb.

Full sprint at bottom of hill until spun out.

Recover for 1 minute

Go again.

5 sets of 5, 5 minutes recovery between sets.

Have fun!


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