The Workout Of The Day for Thursday, 10.18.12. “PUPPY!!”

Howdy folks,

I hope you had as much fun doing your skills session yesterday as we had out at the Kore Kross workouts in Seattle (OK, Redmond…) last night.

Super fun. Thanks to everyone who came out for the good times!

We had a pretty speedy, flow-ey course set up out there, and it became pretty apparent that lots of folks are hitting the wooden-legged point of the season, and that they need to start making a concerted effort to get some speed work in.

So, hey… how about we do some of that today, and work on getting the legs turning over rapidly with some…

Downhill Sprints – 

(OK, maybe not quite like that, but CUTE!!!!)

– Start by warming up well, a bit longer than usual – 30 minutes or so.

 – Find a gradual downhill that lets out on a flat section of road or trail.

The ideal setup for this workout is a hill that’s about a block long, and lets out on a flat section of road that’s also about a block long.

Extra bonus points if you can loop back to the start without having to turn around – that would be perfect.

You’re going to do 3-5 sets of 5 sprints, full gas.

Here’s how the sprints go:

Roll down the gradual descent in a comfortable gear. You want to hit the bottom of the hill going fast, but not yet in a sprint.

As soon as you hit the flat section at the bottom of the hill, get out of the saddle and give it full gas.

Go until you are spun out.

That’s one rep.

You’re doing sets of 5.

Each sprint should take just a few seconds.

Recover for 30 seconds to a minute between reps, and 5 minutes between sets.

Stop when you hit 5 sets or just aren’t getting the same leg speed you were on the first couple of reps.

When you’re done, spin out and go home.

Tips –

– You should start the sprint in a pretty big gear, and spin it out. How big? It depends on how fast you’re going and how strong you are.

You’re working on speed here, so don’t try to lug a giant gear, but the gear needs to be big enough that you accelerate when you hit it at the end of the downhill.

– Stand up out of the saddle when you start to sprint, and gradually sit down as you begin to spin out.

– Don’t forget to breathe.

Seriously .

Too many people hold their breath when they sprint.

Don’t be one of them.

Have fun!


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