The Workout of The day for Tuesday, 8.28.12. – “Tardis”

Howdy folks,

It’s Tuesday, and that means – yup – it’s

2×20 Tuesday!

I’m guessing this isn’t a surprisee, eh?

At this point, you should be starting to get the hang of this, and you should be getting better at the basic 2×20.

Better and stronger.

Or, maybe you’re suddenly getting worse at them.

That would be a signal…

…you know, the “Take a rest, stupid!” signal.

This early in the season, if your 2×20 numbers aren’t going up – and you’ve been doing them for a couple/few weeks, and have gotten the hang of ‘em – you need to be better rested when you do them, or you need to go harder.

One or the other.

Or, well, you’re where you’re at, and you really aren’t going to be able to get any better.

That’s possible.

Not likely, but possible.

Really unlikely this early in the process.

Unless you just finished a hard road season. Then there could be a lot of different things going on here.

If you just finished the road or MTB season, and your #s are dropping on your baseline workouts?

Be honest with yourself.

Back things down a notch.

Remember, if you don’t have trouble breathing… heck, with seeing straight at the end of these intervals you aren’t going hard enough.

OK, enough said.

Here are the workouts –

(Note: Yup, this is a link to the write-up of this workout from last season. Why the heck not, it’s a good ‘un! Enjoy…)



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