The Workout Of The Day for Thursday, 11.3.11. – “Spin? Blechhh…”

Howdy folks,

First of all, thanks *again* for the kind words from ya’all re: the blog. Your feedback is what keeps me motivated to continue with this sisyphean nightmare! 🙂 Thanks!

You’ve been working hard the last couple of days, and the 2×20′s  tend to get the legs feeling like mollasses, especially when you follow them with some wet & muddy skills practice like we had in Seattle last night.  We’re going to address that a little bit  today by doing some leg-speed drills, the ever popular …

Spin Ups –

– Get on your bike and warm up with a leisurely ride, just rolling around for 10-20 minutes.

– After you’re warm, find a nice, long, flat or slightly downhill section of road with little or no traffic.

– Begin the 1st interval by rolling into it at a moderate speed, in a gear that’s smaller than you would typically use to sprint.

– Get out of the saddle and sprint.

– Spin the gear up out of the saddle. When your leg speed gets to the point that it’s hard to maintain form out of the saddle, sit down and keep going until you are totally spun-out. We’re talking  fast, can’t turn ‘em over any faster…

Think Road-Runner fast…

– Repeat 3-5 times.

Recover for 5 minutes, rolling around at a leisurely pace.

– Go again, same thing.

Recover, then repeat as time and fitness allow. Shoot for 3-5 sets of  3-5.

Recover after the last set by rolling around in an easy gear until you feel relaxed, loose, and supple, then head on home, and get ready for the weekend.


That’s what most of you should do today…

If you’re feeling ambitious, though… this one’s for you. It’s the –

Blecchh Interval Workout –

Here’s how this goes…

warm up well, as if you were going to do a 2×20.

Feeling warm? Great! Start riding as if you were about to do a Classic 2×20 –

5 minutes into your 2×20, stand up, out of saddle.



Hard effort for 30 seconds, as if you were trying to make or bring back a hard move in a race.

Back down in the saddle, 30 second recovery.

back to 2×20 level.

5 minutes, then attack, same as before.

30 second attack, 30 second recovery.

5 minutes at 2×20 level, then one last attack.

30 seconds, all out.


Recover for 10 minutes.


Do 2.

If you can, do 3 – although that would be really damn hard. Aim for 2.

If you can do 3?


Have… fun?



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