The Workout Of The Day for Wednesday, 11.10.10 – “Cross Is Like Oxygen”

Howdy folks,


Cyclocross Skills Day!


We’ve been on this back-to-basics kick the last couple of weeks, and from the feedback I’ve been getting it seems to be working.

Good stuff, right?

Heading into tonight, if you still haven’t gotten the basics we’ve been working on flat straight wired, keep at it.

Work on your remounts, work on your dismounts. Start slow, then get fast.

Pay special attention to the high-speed remounts we discussed last Wednesday. You want to get to the point where you always come out of a barrier section faster than you went into it.

Work on accelerating through the barriers, and running into your remount.

Remember, smooth=fast.

Here’s how tonights going to go…

– Warm up on the bike.

As long as it takes to get loose, you should have a light sweat on when you…

– Stretch.

Active stretching, focus on all the muscles you use getting on & off the bike, but don’t when you’re riding. Go as long as it takes to work everything and get loose.

– Mount & Remount skills. 10-15 minutes.

You probably don’t need me to blather on any more about this. Check out the last couple of Wednesday’s posts if you’re new to the blog…

– Technical skills on the bike. 10-15 minutes

Tight turns and off-cambers. As always, work on your entrances and exits from all the technical sections. Pedal, pedal, pedal. Try to pedal through everything. Keep the gas on, power going through the rear wheel, and you maintain traction.

Work on it. Lots more on the bike handling topic in earlier posts, enter “Wednesday” in the search box, and you will likely get bored out of your skull with my verbosity…

– Starts. Go as long as it takes to get 5 perfect, full gas sprints.

Make it feel like a race start. Get off the mark fast, sit down, shift, go again. Remember, it’s the second effort that gets you the early gap most of the time…

– Race simulation. 3 ten minute efforts, 2 minutes recovery between them.

No big complications here. Go really f-ing fast. Try and make these efforts faster and harder than you go in the races. You want to get to the point where your efforts in practice and training are so d**n hard that racing seems like a treat.

Yeah, I know… good luck with that, right?

– Warm down.

Spin out your legs. Take enough time doing this that you feel them unspool and loosen up. Go home, eat, relax.








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