The Workout Of The Day – “What it is, is… “

Howdy folks,

How did the skills work go last night?

Feeling rock-solid on everything?

Here’s a tip; make the same type of notes in your journal after a practice as you would after a race. Technique pluses and minuses, what’s working well (and not-so-well) with your equipment – especially tire pressure! Etc. Etc.

You get the idea, right?

Use practices as a way to improve on everything, not just skills and fitness.

As always, if you had any questions after the “practice redux,” feel free to drop me a line. I can use the ideas that come from the questions, believe me!

Onwards, then, with the Workout Of The Day…

Today we’re going to pull one out of the vault and do –

Two Minutes To Midnight

If you are feeling up to it, this is a great interval at this point in the season. It’s not a sprint, it’s not an “endurance” effort… what it is, is about the length of the longest fully sustained effort you’ll ever actually see in a cross race.

OK, I’m a liar… it’s longer.

If you get great at these, all those little breaks in the output rhythm in your races will start to feel like nap-time.

Fair warning – this is a gut-punch of a workout. If you’re feeling a little bit ragged today, you might want to take a pass on this one and go a little bit lighter today. Maybe a session of Spin Ups ?


Warm up well.

Find a relatively flat, traffic free stretch of road.

(You are going to do 2 minute long, full-gas intervals, so make sure you have enough road to get ‘em in…)

This one is pretty simple.

Roll up to full speed on your bike.

Hit it hard. Start the timer. Full-gas effort for two minutes.

Recover for 2 minutes.

Go again.

you are going to do six 2 minute intervals, with 2 minutes recovery between each one.

That is one set.

Do two or three sets. Five minute rest between sets.

You want to go as hard as you can while still completing all the intervals at a relatively comparable rate of exertion; at this point in the season, that should mean you are going pretty damn hard :o

These aren’t sprints, but they aren’t that far off. R.P.E. , wattage, etc. should be a “fair bit” above your 20 minute level – if you have a power meter, you want to get these as close to your CP 2 as possible, but realistically most people can only do these at around CP6 – 10, so don’t feel bad!




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