The Workout Of The Day for Wednesday, 9.1 – “Yeah, more skills…”

Today is Wednesday, and that means Cyclocross Skills Work is on the agenda for today.

1 – warm up for 10 minutes.

2 – Stretch out after you’re warm. . Pay special attention to all the muscles used in those movements you make hopping on and off the bike that are different from what you usually do.

3 – Dismount/remount  skills for 5-10-15 minutes (depends how rusty you are. Do more of these, less of everything else if you need to.)

– Start at literally a walking pace, and slowly increase speed until you can mount and dismount the bike smoothly and perfectly at full speed. Do not jump on and off the bike, you are looking to smoothly slide yourself on and off.

We worked on the super basics a couple of weeks ago. Need a refresher? Check out –

Do just the most  basic dismount/remount as per above until you have it wired, smooth at all speeds. When you are feeling confident, add some barriers to the session…

– Again, start at a super, super slow speed.

– Approach the barrier, dismount smooth as silk.

– Step over the barrier, paying attention to how you lift the bike, and how you place your feet.

– Remount. Again, think smoooooth….

– Start with a single barrier, move to a double, and keep going slow until you have things wired. Then, speed things up until you aren’t smooth, back it down 1 notch, and make it smooth.

(If you don’t have barriers, anything will do. Use a log, put a stick on the ground – whatever.)

4- Shouldering the bike.

We covered this at length 2 weeks ago. Check it out at –

Tonight, we’re adding a wrinkle to this, The Down Tube Grab.

This is one of those things that’s pretty simple in concept, but difficult in execution.

Everything is the same as the shouldering technique we worked on in the link above, but for one thing; rather than drifting in to the barrier with the hand on the top tube, and then using that hand to flick the bike up to the shoulder using the top tube, you will use the down tube to shoulder the bike.

How does this work?

You have two options:

1 – dismount exactly as  you would normally, with your hand on the top tube.

– As you hit the ground, transfer the right hand to the down tube.

– Slide the bike up your arm and on to your shoulder, establish control of the bike.

Start running.

2- Rather than rolling into the dismount with your hand on the top tube, you roll on in with your hand on the down tube, essentially skipping a step.

– all else is as #1 above.

Check out this video of Barry Wicks at Granogue –

“Wait!” you say. “There’s no dismount or shouldering going on in that video!”

Right you are.

But you know what? If you do this right, it’s exactly the reverse of the act of placing the bike back on the ground at the end of a running section… and Barry does that perfectly here.

Here’s a longer vid of the same race –

Fast forward to 3:16 in…

…and again at 3:50 to see Barry’s teammate Ryan doing a nice down tube pick-up in some pretty grim conditions.

Give it a try!

5 – Starts.

Practice your starts, just like the beginning of a race. One foot on the ground, dead standstill, get-up-and-go.

– Do 2 sets of six full-gas starts.

– short effort, just go long enough that you are up to full speed, then back down, turn around, go again.

– Lots more info on starts in last Wednesday’s post.

6 – Recover for a few minutes, then Finish the night with two interval efforts on relatively easy terrain.

– “Easy” as in a loop on grass with some tight-ish turns on it, or some pretty buffed double-track.

– Go hard, and work on accelerations out of the turns.

– Every time you slow down entering a turn, get on the gas on the way out of it, ass out of the saddle, working hard.

– 6-8 minutes full gas, rest for 2 minutes, then go again for 5.

– Start each effort with, well… with a start. Like you were working on a couple of minutes ago…

Warm down, go home, relax.




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