Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Monday, 11/2…

It’s the first Monday in November… welcome to the home stretch.

Unless you’re one of the few US riders heading to Europe, or reading this from Europe (Howdy to all ya’all, btw…) you are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Nationals is right around the corner.

So, take it easy today.

Today’s workout is an easy, 1 hour Recovery Ride.

Get on your bike.

Start riding. Easy.

No pressure on the pedals. Super teensy tiny gear.

Roll around with very little effort until your legs start to feel better than when you started. When this happens, go home. Get a massage. Stretch. Get to bed early.



So, now something to think about…

How is your training going?

How tired are you?

Personally, I’m beat.

I overslept this morning after not being able to get to sleep last night. I’ve been cranky all weekend. I’m coming off 3 weeks of seriously hard training.

I’m walking right up to the edge of the over-training cliff, and I need to back off before I walk over it.


What does this mean?

It’s pretty simple. I’m taking it easy for the next couple of days.

I’m not taking a rest week. It’s too late in the season for that, for me; my body will go into shut down mode if I take the whole week easy.

Rest and Recovery are the hardest parts of training for the self-coached athlete.

When I coach someone – especially for Cyclocross – I find myself spending as much time calculating rest indications and training stress scores as I do designing workouts.

This isn’t the case for most self-coached athletes, however. They tend to continue to drive themselves up to the cliff, over the cliff, and into the ground beyond.

Don’t be one of those idiots (uhh… lemmings. I meant lemmings…)

Take some time today to think about your training, and more importantly your not training.

– How much rest do you need?

– When do you get it?

– When was the last time that you actually had a day off – off as in no ride, no workout, and no job!

How do you know when you are walking up to the cliff?

– What are your personal signs of over-training?

How’s your sleep?

How’s your appetite?

Libido 😮 ?

How is your mood?

Is your body mass staying constant, or changing in a predictable, stable manner?

Is your waking HR stable?

Start to write these things down.

I’ve talked a fair bit about keeping a log of your training; it’s a good idea.

Even better idea?

Keep track of your non training stresses (work, family, etc.) as well.

Begin to document your physical reactions to all the stresses you are under.

Learn to see the warning signs of over training before you walk over the cliff, and learn to take a break when you need it.

This is another one of those little things that will make you fast…

… or at least keep you off the couch.

Which ain’t fast.

fat guy on couch


~ by crosssports on November 2, 2009.

One Response to “Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Monday, 11/2…”

  1. That couch picture is classic

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