Cross Workout Of The Day


Well, this started as a joke, kind-of, but I’m going to give it a whirl.

Everyday I’m going to tweet a Cyclocross workout of the day and post a more detailed description of the workout/protocol/ whatever, here. I’m not going to kill myself doing this, but I will try to have workouts up every night by about 9pm left-coast time.

I’m going to operate under a couple of assumptions:

– you, the person following this, are racing on Sundays. Feel free to switch days around to make them fit your own schedule.

– The workouts aren’t going to be more than 2 hours long, and will usually be about an hour. Real people have jobs/lives/families, right?

– I’m in Seattle, and we have a nifty Wednesday night training series here. Wednesday is group skills work. If you don’t have this resource where you live, either move to Seattle or find some friends to ride with one night a week. This *will* make you better, guaranteed.

– nobody is going to do one of these workouts, get hurt, and sue me. All the standard disclaimers apply. Do at your own risk, stop if something hurts or gets hurt, don’t be a dick, and be kind to animals, small children, and triathletes.

More as I think of it, and 1st workout up in about an hour…



~ by crosssports on September 11, 2009.

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